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“Stepping Into Your Royal Identity, Inheritance and Destiny.”

Royal Daughters is God’s agenda for this end time to give direction, bring hope and fulfillment to countless number of adult singles around the World.
It is a ministry that started here, but bigger than this continent!
The problems singles face and their basic needs are to be addressed.

If you want to be married, then you’re not one of those called to be single.
Some people are single for a season, and some people are single for a reason! That’s what we will also establish for the registered members and deal with it specifically.

Hosea 4:6 says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…
I believe you don’t have to sit on the sidelines and watch life pass you by. It is time to arise and shake out of ignorance, fear, loneliness, disappointments, frustrations, secret tears, satanic assaults, ancestral cages, hidden anti-marriage patterns, etc.

Many books, talks, and name it have been put together for the singles but God has given me a mandate to reach out not just to any single but to “female adult singles” of ages 25years and above.
This program is an on-going package.
God has given me a mandate:-

  • To open the eyes of this group of wonderful and highly privileged children of His.
  • To share important insights and practical, applicable tips that will help you become the woman you were created to be.
  • To make out of them “the total woman.”
  • To get your priorities in order.
  • To get all you can out of singleness.
  • To get you ready for that man that will surely come your way.
  • And to hand you to your husbands.
  • To know and apply the deep truth and importance of godliness as a major weapon.
  • You will be able to discover, build up, sustain a godly loving relationship, detect and evaluate potential trouble areas and know if he’s “the one.”
  • It is also to help you learn how to attract quality people into your life. Remember, you don’t attract just who you want but who you are.
  • To create a really charming personality.
  • To learn rules of social etiquette.
  • To get right understanding of singleness.
  • To realize your true value (A woman who knows who she is a powerful tribute to femininity).
  • To establish and keep personal boundaries.
  • To discover the right way of doing things.
  • To know what makes a man appreciate a woman.
  • To know what inspires a man to make a lasting commitment.

At the very core of this God’s agenda is also to teach you how to pray and receive real answer to your prayers and how to tap into the hidden wisdom of God that will bring forth your breakthrough.


You stand to gain much more than can be quantified if you register as a member. If registered, you will be taken through step by step teachings, counseling and deliverance, if need be, that will finally help you to share your own testimony. We will help you discover your vehicle of destiny and to use it.
On your wedding day, there will be a touch from Royal Daughters, irrespective of the Church you belong, as this is for the body of Christ.
But that notwithstanding, the outreach is opened to every adult single, whether registered or not.

Ladies, when God said it is not good for a man to be alone, He created you. You can surely know that He never intended the woman to be alone.
What you are about to discover are powerful spiritual secrets buried deep in the Bible.

You may be divorced, widowed, a single parent, or maybe you’ve never been married. No matter what category you fall into … I’ve got news for you … God has an answer for you!

Know that the wrong choice in marriage can surely be a classical entry to hell on earth and beyond!
The Great God Jehovah will not fail you.




mumyRev. Mrs. Mae Olowojoba is the first lady of the Dayspring Bible Church (DBC). A loving and caring wife and mother with a heart of gold, Rev. Mrs. Mae Olowojoba is known for her spirituality and excellence.

She attended the University of Benin. She is a Pharmacist and has been in practice for over 20 years. She has served on the board of many companies. She has varied experiences in Educational Administration.

Her passion for the service of the Lord made her to enlist for the School Of Ministry and graduated top of the class and best all round student in her set before she got married.

Rev. Mae has a heart for restoring family relationships.
Above all her engagements, she considers supporting her husband in ministry and raising godly children her primary purpose.

She is presently the Vice-President of the Dayspring Christian Ministries International Inc. where she also serves as a Pastor and lecturer in the Life Development Institute, Leadership Training Institute and School Of Ministry.
She is currently a full time minister of the gospel, a pastor and a teacher of the Word. A convention speaker, she speaks in many churches.
She has a clear mandate from God to assist women to discover and maximize their potential for maximum impact in their generation.
She has a passion for assisting singles to develop themselves in every area of life and living a full life while believing God for a life-partner.
A wonderful marriage counselor, she heads the Marriage Advisory Council which is responsible for registering, guiding, counseling couples in courtship and preparing them for their wedding and marriage. Her passion for holiness is evident in all her teachings and messages.

Mae is blessedly and happily married to Reverend Dr. Charles Olowojoba, The General Overseer of Dayspring Christian Ministries, with the headquarter in Abuja and blessed with a son, David.

Hos 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…

Psa 144:12. … That our daughters may be as pillars, Sculptured in palace style;

Isa 34:16. Search from the book of the LORD, and read: Not one of these shall fail; Not one shall lack her mate. For My mouth has commanded it, and His Spirit has gathered them.

Pro 9:10. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.