Our Vision Statement

It is a vision of a place where the hurting and the needy will find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement in a loving Church family.
It is a vision of bringing professionals, career civil servants, entrepreneurs, politicians, diplomats and people with divers needs to the saving knowledge of Christ and membership of His glorious body.

It is a vision of grooming them to maturity in Christ through a systematic and balanced but simple teaching of the Bible.

It is a vision of helping them identify, develop and utilize their talents and spiritual gifts to serve their generation according to God’s purpose.

It is a vision of encouraging people to reach out with God’s love to the people around us and elsewhere through organized missionary activities.

It is a vision of a place where people worship God in spirit and in truth while retaining their individuality. It is a vision of a well trained and well-equipped musical orchestra serviced by a vibrant school of music designed to develop musical talents for ours and other ministries.

It is a vision of bringing in about 50,000 people to worship God in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Nigeria.

It is a vision of 100 acres of land on which a magnificent Cathedral will be built along with facilities for Bible schools, recreation, body fitness, maternity and counseling centers, library etc. in a very beautiful garden setting with botanical gardens, pools, springs and fountains all designed to minister to the total man.

It is a vision of a place where SHINING STARS are made.

Our focus is not to grow a church through programmes but to grow people through a process. We are called to equip the saints.