IN the book of Esther chapters one and two, the bible gives the account of how Queen Vashti was removed and she was replaced with Esther.

Est 2:17, “And the king loved Esther above all the women, and she obtained grace and favour in his sight more than all the virgins; so that he set the royal crown upon her head, and made her queen instead of Vashti.”

Esther was orphaned, adopted and a stranger. She was disadvantaged and disqualified; but she was promoted. She moved from a “nobody” to a “somebody”. God has a track record of bringing greatness out of unlikely places. He knows how to elevate ordinary people to extraordinary positions. He made a Prime Minister out of a Prisoner. He made a Princess out of a Prostitute. He made a Queen out of a peasant girl.

I don’t know what your background or story is; God will make you a major influence. He will make you a voice and not an echo.
I see you rising higher than you are now!

Nathaniel once asked when he heard about Jesus, “can anything good come out of Israel?” DON’T WRITE ME OFF, GOD IS MY FATHER!
Nabal once spoke disdainfully about David and asked who is the son of Jesse? Don’t write me off, I’m work in progress!

Esther was favoured! 2:9. Favour obliterates every disadvantage; Favour will bring to you what you are not qualified for. It will take you to places and heights you don’t merit on your own. Favour will open doors for you, goodness and mercy will accompany you as you enter such doors. She was promoted and celebrated. Favour opened the door for her elevation and celebration. There was transfer of power. Crowns will change heads (not hands) in your favour! It’s your turn to reign! Don’t settle for the bottom.

It’s Your Time
God started a process that took four years to complete. Queen Vashti was deposed in the third year of King Xerxes. Esther was crowned in the seventh year.
She was not connected to the programme God started until after a few years later. God started the process of your promotion long ago. He is about to connect you to it! Begin to look around you for fresh open doors.
It’s my time to smile; It’s my time to celebrate; It’s my time to be celebrated; It’s my time to be recognized; It’s my time to wed, buy and drive a car; build a house. It’s my time!

Her preparation lasted twelve months. She was under the instruction of a man who knew what the king liked. She had seven specially selected maidens to anoint her body with special oils for twelve months. She was kept in the best part of the harem. She was given special diet. She was located properly, connected properly, taught properly, fed properly and dressed properly.
While you are waiting, prepare!

7 Essential Ingredients Of A Winning Preparation
Your answers to these seven questions will determine if you will ever be promoted and how big your promotion will be.
(To be continued…)