There is no record of delayed marriage in my family. My younger sister who is 48 yrs now married early and now has a daughter who is a graduate. I am from a Muslim family. My mother tried in her various ways to make me to get married to no avail. Our Daddy in the Lord has called me out several times on several occasions in our services and prophesied that i will soon get married. At a time i got discouraged and stopped coming to church. August last year I travelled and I saw in a dream that I was outside the church. God opened my eyes and I saw Sis Yemi in the choir doing her wedding. After the dream, on the first day that i came to church after a while of not attending service, on that day I decided to come to church, I got to the entrance of the church and the devil told me to turn and go back home. I refused and entered the church and lo and behold that was the wedding thanksgiving service of Sister Yemi in real life. I made a decision to be constant in church. One service day, our Daddy called me out and gave me a date for my wedding. Exactly the month that our Daddy prophesied, the man appeared. Today it is done. I am married. I give all praise to God and for blessing us with a real Prophet as our Daddy in DBC.
Sis Ramat